CGIL Summer Course

Exciting news from CGIL – our summer course is coming up fast! After a brief hiatus due to COVID, we are back at the University of Guelph to learn about a select topic in genomics research with Dr. Norbert Reinsch from the Research Institute for Farm Animal Biology (FBN). This one-week course will focus on parent-of-origin effects, especially on the epigenetic phenomenon of genomic imprinting. You will learn how genetic analyses may accommodate these effects and how appropriate models can be implemented in broadly used software programs. Spaces are limited so be sure to register in advance!

Animal Frontiers

CSAS Animal Frontiers 2021 Issue

This issue of Animal Frontiers led by the Canadian Society of Animal Science covers prospects for exploiting epigentic effects in livestock production.

New e-Book

This new Frontiers in Genetics e-book on Haplotype Analysis Applied to Livestock Genomics edited by Gábor Mészáros, Marco Milanesi, Paolo Ajmone Marsan, and Yuri Tani Utsunomiya has one chapter with contributions from several CGIL members.

New Dairy Breeding book

This new book edited by Dr Julius van der Werf and Dr. Jennie Pryce, with contributions from several CGIL members, reviews the latest research on dairy cattle genetics and advanced methods of genetic evaluation and selection.

Dr. Schaeffer's book

Dr. Schaeffer's book

This new book by Dr. Schaeffer covers the background, the theory, and practical applications of animal models that every serious animal breeder should understand. Examples are given in R-scripts and there is a chapter describing a Fortran program for large data sets. The book is a coalescence of 50 years of learning, teaching, practical applications of animal models, and experience.