CGIL Research by Advisor

CGIL's Core Faculty focus all of their research on animal breeding, genetics and omics technologies applied to genetic improvement of livestock, including dairy and beef cattle, swine, goat and sheep. Collectively with Students, Staff, and Adjunct/Associated Faculty, this Core group is dedicated to position the Canadian livestock idustries as global leaders in animal genetic, products and genetic improvement technologies through world leading research and training in quantitative genetics, animal breeding and animal genomics. 

Student Advisor
Luiz Paulo Batista Sousa Jr. Graduate Researcher Brito, Schenkel
Syed Ahmed Undergraduate Researcher Tulpan
Amir Alamesh M.Sc. (coursework) Student Schenkel
Ana Carolina Almeida Rollo de Paz Visiting Ph.D. Student Schenkel
Dr. Victoria Asselstine Post-Doctoral Fellow Google Scholar Canovas
Gerard Badia Bringué Visiting Ph.D. Student Canovas
Renee Bongers M.Sc. Student Baes
Tim Caldwell Research Associate Canovas
Ivan Campos Ph.D. Student Schenkel
Pedro Fernado Caro Aponte Graduate Researcher Brito, Schenkel
Ivan Carvalho Filho Visiting Ph.D. Student Schenkel
Esther Chan M.Sc. Student Tulpan
Dr. Tatiane Chud Industry Collaborator Google Scholar Google Scholar
Gabriella Condello M.Sc. Student Baes
Tatiana Cortez de Souza Graduate Researcher Brito, Schenkel
Taiana Cortez de Souza Graduate Researcher Brito, Schenkel
Samla Cunha Ph.D. Student Canovas, Schenkel
Gabriella (Ella) Dodd Ph.D. Student Baes
Sydney Duncan-Ford Undergraduate Researcher Canovas
Dr. Allison Fleming Industry Collaborator Google Scholar
Bruno Galindo Visiting Scientist Google Scholar Schenkel
Saranya Gunasegaram Narayana Ph.D. Student Google Scholar Google Scholar Schenkel, Barkema
Julia Harvey M.Sc. Student Tulpan, Steinke
Isis Hermsdorff Post-Doctoral Fellow Schenkel
Kyle Hoeksema M.Sc. Student Baes
Dr. Kerry Houlahan Industry Collaborator Google Scholar
Dr. Umesh Kumar Shandilya Research Associate Google Scholar Karrow
Kristen Lamers Research Assistant Karrow
Nora Laseca Visiting Ph.D. Student Canovas
Sirlene Lazaro Post-Doctoral Fellow Google Scholar Schenkel
Kristin Lee Ph.D. Student Canovas, Schenkel
Michael Ling M.Sc. (coursework) Student Karrow
Lucas Lopes Ph.D. Student Baes, Tulpan
Colin Lynch Ph.D. Student Baes, Schenkel
Dr. Maria Malane Magalhães Muniz Post-Doctoral Fellow Schenkel, Squires
Bayode Makanjuola Post-Doctoral Fellow Google Scholar Google Scholar Baes
Dr. Gabriele Marras Industry Collaborator Google Scholar
Dr. Erin Massender Industry Collaborator Google Scholar
Caitlin McAllister M.Sc. (coursework) Student Karrow
Misha McCaughan M.Sc. (coursework) Student Karrow
Nicole Moran Ph.D. Student Karrow
Henrique Alberto Mulim Graduate Researcher Google Scholar Brito, Schenkel
Paula Navarrete Visiting Ph.D. Student Canovas
Christiana Obari Ph.D. Student Google Scholar Baes
Dr. Gerson Oliveira Jr. Industry Collaborator Google Scholar
Davinia Padermo Visiting Ph.D. Student Google Scholar Canovas
Dr. Christina Marie Rochus Research Associate Google Scholar Google Scholar Baes
Kaitlyn Rodriguez M.Sc. Student Tulpan
Dr. Hinayah Rojas de Oliveira Industry Collaborator Google Scholar Google Scholar
Dr. Saeed Shadpour Post-Doctoral Fellow Google Scholar Baes, Tulpan, Schenkel
Olivia Smith Undergraduate Researcher Baes
Alex Smith M.Sc. Student Baes
Kelli Sokoloff M.Sc. (coursework) Student Baes
Tianna Sullivan M.Sc. Student Google Scholar Karrow
Dr. Nienke van Staaveren Research Associate Google Scholar Google Scholar Baes
Dr. Gordon Vandervoort Industry Collaborator Google Scholar
Dr. Chunfang Wang Visiting Scientist Google Scholar Karrow
Xiaomaei Wang M.Sc. Student Karrow
Zhuoyi Wang M.Sc. Student Tulpan
Carissa White M.Sc. Student Karrow
Olivia Willoughby M.Sc. Student Canovas
Xiang Wu M.Sc. (coursework) Student Karrow
Ran Xu Ph.D. Student Karrow