W21 CGIL Seminars

Posted on Monday, January 11th, 2021

We are pleased to invite all CGIL and ABSc faculty, students, and collaborators to the Winter Virtual CGIL Seminars, which will start on January 15th. We would like to thank everyone who has offered to give a seminar this semester! We have a spectacular schedule of speakers planned for this semester from across North America! As usual, the Virtual CGIL Seminars will be held Fridays from 1:30 pm - 2:30 PM EDT/EST.
Seminar Notices:
Weekly reminders will be sent out through the CGIL and ABSc listservs and you can also view the upcoming seminars on the ABSc Calendar and in the CGIL calendar (http://cgil.uoguelph.ca/). In addition, follow the CGIL Facebook Page or Twitter account (@CgilUofG) for weekly reminders!
Virtual Seminar Format:
  • The Seminars will be held through Microsoft Teams
  • A meeting request for each seminar and link to join will be sent out through the CGIL and CGIL Workshop Listserv each week and will also be available on the CGIL webpage, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Please sign in 5 to 10 minutes ahead of the presentation to allow for any potential technical problems to be sorted out. Once the seminar has started it is very difficult to fix any issues.
  • We ask that all attendees mute their microphone and turn off their camera during the presentation. During the discussion, please feel free to unmute your microphone and turn on your camera if you would like to speak. The chat will also be moderated if you would prefer to ask a question that way.
  • Please contact Dr. Schenkel (schenkel@uoguelph.ca) to have collaborators or students added to the CGIL workshop listserv to receive seminar notices and links.
CGIL Seminar Recordings:
At the presenter's discretion, recordings of most CGIL Seminars are made available online for those that are unable to attend a seminar. Recordings are posted within 2-3 weeks of the presentation, available recordings from W21 and previous semesters can be found at the following link: http://animalbiosciences.uoguelph.ca/cgilvideos/ .
Username: cgil
Password: cvid1984
CGIL Seminar Schedule – W21*:
January 15th - MSc. Lucas Alcantara, PhD student, University of Guelph
January 22nd - Dr. Jared Decker, Associate professor, Animal Science, Genetics, and Institute for Data Science and Informatics, University of Missouri
January 29th - Dr. Nick Serão, Assistant Professor, Animal Breeding & Genetics, Iowa State University
February 5th - Dr. Guilherme Rosa, Associate Professor, Department of Animal Sciences and the Department of Biostatistics & Medical Informatics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
February 12th - MSc. Emily Leishman and Ryley Vanderhout, PhD student, University of Guelph
February 26th - Dr. Aroa Suarez-Vega, Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Production, University of León
March 5th - Dr. Andre Hidalgo, Researcher of innovation, CRV
March 12th - Dr. Ricardo Ventura, Professor, Department of Nutrition and Animal Production, University of São Paulo
March 19th - Dr. Hinayah Rojas, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Guelph
March 26th - Dr. Jasper Munro, Manager of Research and Innovation, AgSights
April 9th - MSc. George Hall, PhD student, University of Guelph
April 16th - Dr. Gregor Gorjanc, Chancellors Fellow, University of Edinburgh
April 23rd - Dr. Kristen Alves, Geneticist, Hendrix Genetics 
*Subject to change
Although we will continue in virtual format, we look forward to seeing you all on January 15th and having a great semester of seminars and discussions!
Ivan Campos & Colin Lynch


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