CGIL's history

Dr. Ted Burnside is writing the history of the Centre for Genetic Improvement of Livestock (CGIL) at the University of Guelph. CGIL started in 1984.  As part of the book, Dr. Burnside would like to have pictures of everyone who has been a part of CGIL, i.e. anyone that has stayed at CGIL for more than a month and has done research in Guelph with faculty of CGIL.

Besides the 'digitized' picture of yourself, he would also like a couple sentences or paragraph about your time and your research in CGIL. These will become part of the book. By sending them to Dr. Schaeffer (, you give your permission to use them.

Also, if you gave a summer course in CGIL, then a picture and some comments would be good to have too.

The purpose of the history is for helping to celebrate the oncoming 50 years Anniversary of University of Guelph and 30 years Anniversary of CGIL

Do You Remember These People? Past Visitors

Thank you for your help!

WWW Gateway Links

All the webpage links in the CGIL's WWW Gateway were revised and are currently functional. There are about 300 interesting links in the WWW Gateway for you to check out. More links will come in the near future.

Thank you for Luiz Brito that helped us by testing and updating the links!

Report of Activities from 2001 to 2013

We are pleased to present a report of CGIL's activities between 2001 and 2013. If you are interested in looking over this report, click the link below to open the pdf file.

CGIL's Report