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2009 Fall Schedule

The following presentations were given during the Fall Semester of 2009

December 18, 2009

  • Dr. Hans Daetwyler, Edinburgh, Scotland
    Topics related to genome-wide evaluation of populations

December 11, 2009

  • Saber Qanbari, University of Goettingen, Germany
    Footprints of recent positive selection in Holstein cattle

December 4

  • Dr. Gordon Vander Voort
    Use of machine learning algorithms in genomic selection

November 27

  • Mollie Campbell, OVC, University of Guelph
    The association of level of milk production with reproductive performance in Canadian dairy cattle

November 20, 2009

  • Sameer Pant, CGIL
    Identification of QTLs associated with susceptibility to MAP infection (Johne's) in Canadian Holstein cattle

November 13, 2009

  • Dr. Mohsen Jafarikia, Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement
    Potential application of marker assisted selection to increase swine health

November 11, 2009

  • Dr. Mark Young, Sheep Improvement Limited, New Zealand
    Genetic improvement of sheep in New Zealand

November 6, 2009

  • Dr. Dave Kelton, Population Medicine, University of Guelph
    New approaches to disease diagnosis using DHI samples

October 30, 2009

  • Katarzyna Stachowicz, CGIL
    Canadian Holsteins - big or small population? Analysis of inbreeding and genetic diversity

October 23, 2009

  • Lynsay Henderson, Population Medicine, University of Guelph
    Genetic analysis of dairy calf health and survival in a US calf rearing farm

October 16, 2009

  • Dr. Jane Tosh, CGIL
    Challenges in developing beeding programs for fish - experience with cod

October 9, 2009

  • Timothee Neuenschwander
    Selection for disease resistance in Nordic countries and BCS as a potential health indicator in Canadian Holsteins

October 2, 2009

  • Brian Van Doormaal, Canadian Dairy Network
    Canadian implementation of genomic evaluations for dairy cattle

September 25, 2009

  • Dr. Cheryl Quinton, CGIL
    Development of a breeding program for European whitefish

September 18, 2009

  • Dr. Bonnie Mallard, Pathobiology, University of Guelph
    Phenotypic, genetic and epigenetic variation in immune response and disease resistance traits of livestock

September 11, 2009

  • Dr. Mehdi Sargolzaei, L'Alliance Boviteq
    Gene Patenting and Its Impact on Genomic Selection

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