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2005 Fall Schedule

The following presentations were given during the Fall Semester of 2005

December 13

  • Dr. Roger Cue (McGill University)
    Animal breeding research at Macdonald College

December 1

  • Dr. Niel Karrow and students
    An update of current projects

November 24

  • Dr. Filippo MIglior (Canadian Dairy Network/AACF)
    Genetic studies of lactose and milk urea nitrogen in dairy cattle

November 18

  • Dr. Laurence Maignel (Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement)
    Tools to monitor genetic variability in Canadian swine herds

November 10

  • Barbara Caswell
    Breed by diet interactions in beef cattle

November 3

  • Chris Verschoor
    Affymetrix high-density oligonucleotide microarrays: the basics, data analysis, and SNPs too!

October 27, 2005

  • Mahyar Heydarpour
    Influence of data structure and population types on estimation of covariance components using multiple trait animal models with maternal effects

October 21, 2005

  • Nicole Ramlachan (USDA)
    BoLA research

October 20, 2005

  • Dr. Lucy Andrews (Holstein UK)
    Research and programs in the UK

October 13, 2005

  • Dr. Margaret Quinton
    Overview of EAAP meetings in Sweden and research in Finland

October 6, 2005

  • Dr. Ching Lin
    Impact of epistasis on the efficiency of QTL-assisted selection

September 29, 2005

  • Dr. Janusz Jamrozik
    Genetic evaluation for female reproductive traits in Canadian dairy breeds

September 22, 2005

  • Dr. Larry Schaeffer
    Breeding strategies with genome wide selection

September 15, 2005

  • Dr. Davood Kolbehdari
    Estimation of SNP interval effects for genome wide selection - a
    simulation study

September 9, 2005

  • Dr. George Wiggans (USDA)







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