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  • Faculty members                                                                        Quick view
Dr. F. Schenkel Professor, Director
Dr. S.P. Miller Adjunct
Dr. N. Karrow
Dr. R.A. Kemp Adjunct
Dr. A. Robinson Associate Professor Dr. M. Sargolzaei Associated
Dr. C. Baes
Assistant Professor
Dr. F. Miglior Associated
Dr. A. Canovas Assistant Professor ResearchGate Google Scholar Dr. B. Wood Adjunct
Dr. E.J. Squires Professor Dr. R. Ventura Adjunct
Dr. B. Mallard Professor Dr. M. Jafarikia Adjunct

Dr. J. Jamrozik Adjunct

Dr. Cheryl Quinton Adjunct
Adjunct= Adjunct Graduate Faculty;  Associated= Associated Graduate Faculty
  • Emeritus and Retired faculty members
Dr. J. Wilton     Emeritus  
Dr. L.R. Schaeffer Emeritus/
Dr. I. McMillan

  • Staff, Visiting Scientists, Research Associates and Post-Doctoral Fellows
Tim Caldwell RA

Dr. Gabriele Marras PD ResearchGate
 Dr. Ana Lucia Puerro de Melo PD Dr. Hakimeh Emamgholi Begli

Dr. Allison Fleming PD ResearchGate Bill Szkotnicki
Dr. Francesca Malchiodi RE
Dr. Emhimad Abdalla
Google Scholar
Dr. Tarfa Yaseen RE

Dr. Luiz Fernando Brito                    PD
Dr. Shadi Nayeri PD
ResearchGate Dr. Sarah (Loker) Miller        
Dr. Gordon VanderVoort IC ResearchGate Dr. Aroa Suarez-Vega PD ResearchGate
PD= Post-doctoral Fellow
RA= Research Assistant
RE= Research Associate
VS= Visiting Scientist
ST= Staff
 IC= Industry collaborator

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